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Who is Eagle 21 Services and WHY?

The Sole Proprietor and Owner – Robert B. Hickernell

Combat Disabled Veteran, who honorably served his country for 26+ years in the United States Air Force, retiring as a Senior Master Sergeant (E-8). Federal Firearms Manufacturer, NFA Manufactuer (Class-II), Texas License To Carry-Handgun Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor …enough about me.

Eagle 21 Services – Why?

Early in 2005 a friend of mine showed me a website in Kentucky that sells firearms via the internet – Bud’s Gun Shop (www.BudsGunShop.com). I fell in love with a Beretta PX4 Storm 45acp Pistol that I saw at Academy Sports and Outdoors, and wanted to buy it from Bud’s Gun Shop because thier price was really low compared to anywhere else in the San Antonio area, and because the seller is outside of Texas there wouldn’t be any State Sales Tax!

I figured I’d save about $185 – such a deal! All I had to do was find a local FFL Dealer (Federal Firearms License-Dealer) that was willing to accept that firearm from Bud’s Gun Shop in Kentucky, do the required ATF paperwork and the mandatory FBI Brady Background Check. That whole process is called an Inbound Firearms Transfer.

I knew there would be a small fee from the local Firearms Dealer, but I’d still be saving a TON OF MONEY! So, off I went trying to find my local FFL Dealer. Five Pawn shops and six “Sporting Goods/Gun Dealer’s” later: I kept getting the same answer: “Sorry, we don’t do THAT! We will gladly sell you that Beretta PX4 Storm, but we don’t do inbound firearms transfers for firearms that we sell or can get!” A couple of places said YES, but would charge me a $100 Transfer Fee – That’s Highway Robbery and Total B.S!

I was MAD AS HELL, because I wanted my Beretta PX4 Storm and didn’t want to pay “their” ridiculous mark-ups, fees and sales tax.

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning:

What is stopping ME from becoming a Firearms Dealer that specializes in doing ONLY Inbound Firearms Transfers? 6 Months later, a TON of paperwork, not too much hassle from the ATF, State or City….that day has arrived. Eagle 21 Services is now ready to SAVE YOU MONEY on buying firearms via the internet.

Yes, Mom: This is all 100% Legal and ethical.

I am licensed by the Federal Government (ATF) to manufacture, buy/sell firearms. I am registered with the State of Texas as a Firearms Dealer and have a Sales and Use Tax Permit. Eagle 21 Services is a registered DBA business in Guadalupe County, and I am fully compliant with both the City of Schertz and my HOA as a Home Occupation dealing in firearms.

Location:   1148 Dimrock –  Schertz, TX 78154

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Saturday 9am till 8pm (or so)

If you want more information; Ask a question; or just say “Hey!”

Info@Eagle21.com or call me at (210) 363-1165

In Operation Continuously Since 2005 – MANY Satisfied Customers

Have a Problem – TELL ME – I’ll Make It RIGHT

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