“Class III” Firearms

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Firearms Subject to Registration under the National Firearms Act (NFA) Commonly (but incorrectly) Called: “Class III Firearms”

Machine Guns (MG), Silencers, Short Barreled Rifles (SBR), Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS), Destructive Devices (DD) and Any Other Weapon (AOW).

SBR: A rifle having a barrel length LESS than 16″ and/or an overall length less than 26″

SBS: A shotgun having a barrel length LESS than 18″ and/or an overall length less than 26″

Barrel length for a Rifle/Shotgun is measured from Bolt Face to the end of the Barrel. In order to be “counted” in the barrel length measurement, a screw-on flash hider or muzzle break must be PERMANENTLY attached (Pinned or welded on). Overall length of a Rifle/Shotgun with a collapsing or folding stock, is measured with the stock fully extended.

Silencer: Silencer, Suppressor, CAN, Firearm Muffler are all legally the same thing. A Silencer is a device which decreases the sound of the expelled round by more than 3 decibels. NOTHING silences a firearm – Some CANS make firearms sound quieter than others. Very few CANS make a firearm “Hollywood Quiet” – Some do.

AOW: Usually refers to a firearm that is manufactured to be disguised as something else: Fountain Pen Guns or Walking Cane Guns are classified as AOW’s. A PISTOL having a Vertical Foregrip attached is classified as an AOW. A Smooth Bore Firearm (Shotguns have stocks), with a barrel less than 18″, and came from the factory with only a pistol grip and has NEVER had a stock attached to it, is classified as an AOW Firearm. The NFA Transfer Tax for an AOW is only $5 not the “normal” $200.

NOTE: MagPul’s Angled Fore Grip (AFG) is not a VERTICAL grip and attachment onto an AR “pistol” doesn’t make that pistol into an AOW. I have the ATF Firearms Technology Branch Ruling on attachment of a MagPul’s AFG onto a Pistol if anybody wants a copy.

Eagle 21 Services is not licensed and CAN NOT buy, sell, or otherwise engage as a Dealer of Destructive Devices (DD).

  1. It is a common misconception that any NFA Firearm (MG’s, Silencers, SBR’s, SBS’s, DD’s, and AOW) are all ILLEGAL and cannot be owned by law-abiding citizens in Texas. This comes from the creation of a variety of confusing state laws and way too many “Blog Know-It-All’s” that think they know everything. But rest assured fellow Texans: Ownership and possession of ALL NFA Firearms is 100% legal in all of the Great State of Texas by merely following a few simple FEDERAL registration requirements. Just TIME and MONEY!
  2. In May of 1986, certain Federal laws went into effect that made it illegal for Non-Dealers to own fully automatic firearms (MG’s) that were manufactured AFTER May 1986. MG’s manufactured, registered, and NFA tax paid BEFORE May 1986, MAY BE OWNED BY AND SOLD BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS. These are called ‘Fully Transferable’ Machine Guns.
  3. Some states DO NOT allow possession of any NFA Firearms at all, no matter when the firearm was made. Some states only allow possession of certain NFA Firearms. Luckily this is Texas – We LOVE All NFA FIREARMS Equally.
  4. To lawfully possess any NFA Firearm in Texas, you must meet certain Federal requirements (generally the same restrictions as when you purchase any other firearm, but with additional paperwork, money and an extensive National criminal background check). IT TAKES FOREVER for the ATF to approve your application to possess a NFA Firearm (8+ MONTHS). You also fill out different ATF paperwork (either ATF Form-1 or ATF Form-4) than a normal firearm purchase. And then there is the payment of either a $200 or AOW $5 Federal Excise Transfer Tax. Every time a NFA Firearm is transferred from one person to another or Dealer/Manufacturer to Individual, the $200/$5 tax must be paid– usually by the purchaser.
  5. The steps to acquire a NFA Firearm are:
    1. Find your NFA Firearm on the internet.  WARNING: Transferable MG’s aren’t cheap! Pay for it and contact me to arrange to have your NFA Firearm transferred here. That process alone is taking 4-5 weeks for ATF approval.
    2. If you are in the market for a Silencer: Eagle 21 Services has the CHEAPEST PRICES IN AMERICA for most Silencers. Let me give you a quote BEFORE making any SILENCER purchase.
    3. (N/A For NFA Trust) Get two passport sized pictures taken. These will be used to perform a comprehensive criminal background check on you. Eagle 21 Services will do the Finger printing at no cost and help with all the remaining paperwork.
    4. (N/A For NFA Trust) You must have the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO)that has jurisdiction over the municipality in which you live on the form 4. This could be the City Chief of Police or the County Sheriff, for example. There are other persons authorized to sign off on your ATF Forms, such as a Judge or DA that handle felony trials. CHECK with your local Chief of Police to see if they will Sign Off on your Form-4.
    5. If your local CLEO WILL NOT approve your possession, then you will have to establish a NFA Firearms Trust. Eagle 21 Services has a reputable and reliable source for an inexpensive NFA Trust. DO NOT attempt to Do-It-Yourself trying to save money: NOT WORTH IT! The establishment of a NFA Firearms Trust is a One-Time requirement.
    6. The Form-1 or Form-4, with either your CLEO signature + 2 fingerprint cards + 2 pictures: or a copy of your NFA Trust, Certificate of Compliance, and a $200/$5 check (your one-time transfer tax) must be mailed to the ATF and an approved tax stamp returned to ME before you may take possession of the NFA Firearm. This process is currently taking 8+ MONTHS.
    7. Your NFA Firearm will be securely stored during this long wait time. If you want to shoot your NFA firearm, by all means do so, but a representative from Eagle 21 Services (Meaning ME) MUST be present at the range and I MUST return with your NFA Firearm after you done shooting it.
    8. Due to the extra paperwork, time, effort, and long term secure storage: My NFA Firearms Transfer Fee is $75 (Not to mention I have to invest $500 each year so I can be a NFA Dealer)

Although it may seem complicated – Its just a matter of Time and Money. I am happy to help you through every step in the process. Let me help you get that NFA Firearm that you’ve always wanted– they are worth it! I am not an attorney, and I do not represent to be offering ANY legal advice. If you want/need LEGAL ADVICE, I can point you in the direction of qualified counsel upon request.

These instructions are abbreviated and are intended as a guide only. Eagle 21 Services is not offering legal advice as to whether or not you are qualified for ownership and possession of any NFA Firearms.

Note: FEDERAL Penalties for the unlicensed, illegal or questionable possession of all NFA items are SEVERE: 10 years in Federal Prison, $10,000 fine PLUS seizure of any assets found at the scene, like your HOUSE or CAR!

KNOW the Laws Relating To Lawful Possession of ALL NFA Firearms.

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Some Common NFA Firearms (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):

  • Lewis Machine & Tool SBR 10.5” Barrel 5.56mm
  • Glock21/Hera Arms Triarri SBR .45acp
  • KRISS Vector SMG .45acp
  • Ruger 22/45 MKIII with Integral Silencer – Paladin Armory “Spartan – IV” .22lr


  • Coastal Gun “MIMS” .45acp – Makes my Dealer-Demo KRISS SMG “Hollywood Quiet”
  • MGSS “JET” .338LM
  • AAC “CYCLONE” 7.62mm
  • YHM “COBRA M2” .45acp
  • Liberty “CONSTITUTION” 5.7mm
  • Huntertown Arms “GUARDIAN”.22
  • Silencerco “22SPARROW” .22
  • Huntertown Arms “GUARDIAN 22 MICRO” .22

SBR=Short Barrel Rifle (Barrel length less than 16” W/Stock)
SMG=Sub Machine Gun (I define A SMG as a MG firing a pistol caliber round) Silencer, Suppressor, and Firearm Muffler are used interchangeably by the ATF.
Not shown: SBS (Short Barrel Shotgun) or AOW.

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